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2015 Season News:

At the end of our season last year, we received a letter from the Clay Fire Department.  The letter stated that we would have to jump through impossible hoops to open this year.  As a result, having a Haunted House at our house will no longer be possible.

We are going though Halloween depression this year and we know how many of you were looking forward to visiting this year. We will miss you all.  But there is good news..

For those of you that know us personally, you know that our dream is to go big and have a legitimate Haunted House. It will happen! Although initially this upset us a great deal, we came to the realization that it was just the push we needed to move us toward that goal.

As a result, and it's not completely official, we have been in touch with certain parties that want to work with us in 2016. Some of you are already in the loop and we are excited about it.

We want to let all of you know that our goal and vision is to create the best Haunted House. One that provides scares for all ages and takes you out of your day to day reality. We want to make you feel like you are somewhere else completely. We want to SMASH all other Haunted Houses in the area.

I promise I will never short cut or put "Chamber of Souls" name on anything I do not feel is the best I can do.

Most importantly, I want to thank ALL of you that have supported us, volunteered and spread the word. You are the reason we do this and you are the motivation to continue to provide a high quality experience.

We will update out Facebook page directing people here for this years information.

PLEASE don't forget about us. WE WILL BE BACK!  Better than ever!

We are very excited about what we have working for 2016 and where we may be!

Feel free to email us anytime at

See you next year and thank you again!!
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Chamber of Souls Comments

Guest Comments

by John Hoke on 10/21/14

We appreciate all the support over the years and we would love to hear your feedback! Below are the comment cards we collected at the Haunted House. People that didnt put their name are listed Anonymous. Please click on link directly below to view comments. Thanks everyone!

UPDATED!  11/1/14 1:18 PM